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When it comes to state-of-the-art storage facilities, excellent customer service, and people that care about your RV, then nobody does a better job than Fort Knox RV Storage in Grand Junction. We are Grand Junction’s leading Class A Recreational Vehicle, Class B RV, Class C RV, Camper trailer, Travel Trailer, Boat, Heavy Equipment, Truck Trailer, Utility Trailer, Bus Conversions, Motorized RV, Motorhome, Camper Vans, Fifth Wheel, Travel Trailer. Bumper Pull Trailer, Hybrid Trailer, Pop-Up Camper, Tent Camper, Tear Drop Camper, and Toy Haulers storage facility with a large outdoor storage yard. Not only are our facilities home to RVs and boats of residents of the city, but also nearby counties, mainly because the RV and boat community is tightknit, so word about an excellent service spreads fast. 

Our clients are treated to the best facilities, with ample outside self-parking complete with electronic key card gate access, cameras, with concrete walls. We have a long history of taking good care of our clients’ pride and joy. 

We’ve built a safe and secure RV Storage facility in Grand Junction Colorado 

Fort Knox RV Storage was founded by long-time entrepreneur Warren Dettmer.

The company was originally established after we noticed a lack of secure boat and RV storage facilities. Many owners would store their Class A Recreational Vehicle, Class B RV, Class C RV, Camper trailer, Travel Trailer, Boat, Heavy Equipment, Truck Trailer, Utility Trailer, Bus Conversions, Motorized RV, Motorhome, Camper Vans, Fifth Wheel, Travel Trailer. Bumper Pull Trailer, Hybrid Trailer, Pop-Up Camper, Tent Camper, Tear Drop Camper, Toy Haulers outside, which would attract the attention and scorn of neighbors. Some would also end up paying HOA fines for parking RVs, and boats in their driveways. That’s why we decided to set up facilities that gave people a secure alternative. 

At present, we are home to dozens of boats and RVs from across Mesa County and nearby counties. Our credibility and positive word of mouth over the years mean that people trust us to care for their most prized possessions. It is also one of the reasons why we continue to expand so that we can house more RVs and boats, especially during the off-season.

At Fort Knox RV Storage, we don’t leave anything to chance. Everything from our surveillance system to electronic locks ensures that your boats and RVs are in very capable hands.

Locally owned businesses in Grand Junction come and go regularly, oftentimes without leaving much of an impression on the locals. Some, however, have been around for so long, they have become a fixture, almost like a landmark, here in the Valley. Sticks and Stones and Fort Knox RV Storage, owned and operated by long time entrepreneur Warren Dettmer, are two such businesses that have been a familiar sight in Grand Junction for many years.

Warren was born in 1951 in Stanley, Wisconsin. He grew up on a farm in Boyd, Wisconsin. In 1977, at the age of twenty-six, and after seven and a half years of serving in the Army, Warren decided to leave Wisconsin and take up farming with his father-in-law out here in Grand Junction. For the next two years, farming proved to be less than profitable. To make ends meet, Warren took his first foray into business ownership and he started a construction and demolition company with his father-in-law called Lockert and Dettmer. Finding initial success, they left farming behind and went full-time into the new business.

Warren soon realized that the company trucks were running empty on the way to jobs out in Delta and Montrose. He discovered that he could haul and deliver landscaping supplies instead. This way, his trucks were always running full. Thus, in 1980, Sticks and Stones was born.

Two years later, not long after purchasing his spring inventory, Warren was faced with his most difficult economic setback. On May 2, 1982, known by those who remember it as the infamous “Black Sunday,” Exxon backed out of its oil shale project. Overnight, 2,300 employees lost their jobs, and another several thousand residents would leave the Valley over the next year or two. Warren had to struggle to sell off his inventory. To keep from losing the company, he was forced to close his doors. For the next seven years, the only business he ran was Lockert and Dettmer.

Finally, in 1989, Sticks and Stones was able to reopen its doors. For the next 32 years, Warren would satisfy countless customers, fulfilling all of their landscaping needs. During that period, Sticks and Stones would move locations twice, and Warren would start another business: Fort Knox RV & Boat Storage which takes up three acres next to Sticks and Stones. Excerpt From City Lifestyle.


Fort Knox Owner Warren Dettmer

Despite his success with his businesses, Warren has also endured numerous personal challenges throughout his life, several of which nearly claimed his life. When he was eleven years old, he was in a car wreck that broke both of his femurs and put his head through the windshield. He spent three months in the hospital immobilized in traction. In 2010, while flying his helicopter, the engine died due to a plugged vent line, causing the “helo” to fall some 30 feet to the ground. In 2013, Warren was diagnosed with cancer. Since then, he has endured 44 rounds of radiation treatment.

When asked how he felt about all the things he’s gone through, Warren didn’t offer any complaints. He said, “Life is good, I’m happily married and I have a good family.” Growing up on a farm, he said he learned that, “you just got up and went to work.” He believes that positive attitude has seen him through every hardship he’s been through, and it’s the key to keeping his businesses going for all these years.        Excerpt From City Lifestyle.

Fort Knox RV Storage.

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2920 D 1/2 Road Grand Junction, CO 81504

(970) 250-4411

Best RV Storage

  • Centrally located
  • Isolated site
  • Within 1 mile of 2 free dump station, LP Refill service, Fuel, water, Walmart auto parts, and Mechanic’s shop
  • Fully graveled and weed-free yard
  • 14′ wide marked spaces
  • 6′ concrete fencing
  • Key Pad and Key Card entry gate for easy access
  • Video surveillance
  • Perimeter security lighting
  • 24-hour access
  • Located next to Sticks and Stones and owner’s residence–site monitored 24/7
RV Storage in Grand Junction around Local Ammenities
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Fort Knox RV Storage is located next to Sticks and Stones.

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